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Proud to share our latest review!

Our latest work is finally out! Titled “Stem/progenitor cells in normal physiology and disease of the pancreas”, this review article compiles the most recent information related to pancreas progenitors. After a brief introduction providing general information about the pancreas, our manuscript addresses the presence and role of embryonic progenitors during pancreas development, the process of pancreas formation and the possible existence of progenitor pools, even in the adult. We then expand upon the adult pancreas, potential progenitors and plasticity in the next part of our review, discussing the heterogeneity of the organ, as well as the controversy around the existence of adult progenitors.

Next, pancreas plasticity is discussed in the context of tumorigenesis. As the cellular heterogeneity that characterises this organ facilitates the development of numerous distinct tumour types, we delve into the debate regarding the cells of origin of these tumours. Furthermore, the different available models to study pancreatic progenitors are summarised, including embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells and 3D organoids.

Finally, scRNA-seq technology, as well as its use in pancreatic stem/progenitor cells study, is explained. This technique is used to investigate the general RNA expression in each cell of the sample, which makes it incredibly valuable for the study of different cell populations, cellular heterogeneity, or differentiation over the time.

The work has been published in the journal Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology and it is already available online!

We invite you to read it and we hope you enjoy it!

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